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1999.09 - 2012.02
John Doe

Since 1999, I was a talented and creative graphic designer with outstanding computer and manual design skills and the ability to produce superior work on time and matching clients' specifications. I have more experience serving clients such as Sina (Mobile App), WEIBO (the world largest soical network like Twitter, Facebook), McDonald's, Walmart, State Farm, Scottrade, Charles Schwab, CNA Life, EtradeBank, Nestle, iTalkBB, Asian Art Museum, Sing Tao,,, McClatchy Company, Postmedia, Metro International, Glacier Media Group, and Halifax Media Group.

2007.07 - Present
Jane Helf

I have worked as a Sina UI team leader, web and mobile UI designer, UX developer and business consultant in (NASDAQ:SINA, based on silicon valley, California, USA) and BC Media Works (based on metro Vancouver, Canada) for the past sixteen years and have been involved in a number of high profile projects. I am comfortable working as part of a team or individually and have an in-depth understanding of emerging technologies in new media. Ideas come together in a way never seen before in Sina UI. Great things come when brains collide, and here you can share and collaborate on any future create right from your mobile.

Other 10, 20, ...
Joshua Insanus


Mobile application developer, social media manager? My new career path? Mobile application developer - Remember car phones? You know, the equivalent of a cell phone, except that you could only use it in the car and it was size of a brick? With the development of phones like the Android and iPhone, the mobile media industry is continually progressing. Social media is the new "it" profession. It started with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Weibo and has expanded to many other platforms. Organizations are now employing social media managers to oversee their online communities and enhance/protect the company brand.

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